DescriptionYou will only need two sources and they are as follows: The book (The Police in America: An Introduction 9th Edition by by Samuel Walker and Charles Katz) and the specific chapter you will be using is Chapter 1. And Module 1c 21st Century Policing power point. These again are the only sources you need to answer the questions.You can find the book through amazon and you wont need to purchase. Look for the book in the search column and find the proper book. Once you have found it click on the book should lead you to the buy and rental area. Once you are there, there should be a book image and an arrow pointing to look inside. This would eventually lead you to the sample of the book and provide you with chapters 1 and 2 but again the main focus will be Chapter 1. Hopefully this will provide you a much easier experience finding the book.Other instructions to follow:Make sure to answer each question completely, and in full sentences. You are required to cite the textbook and other course materials that you find relevant. The formatting is as follows: 12-point Time New Roman Font, double spaced with 1 inch margins all around, citations in APA format.The content of your writing should be at a minimum one and a half pages and a maximum of two full pages of writing (excluding the reference page). Please do not write in the first person and do not repeat the questions in your respond page. Use subtitles to delineate between questions (e.g., for question 1 you could use “Openness and Transparency Strategies”)1.) Chapter 1 discusses several strategies police departments can use to foster a sense of openness and transparency. Compare and contrast two of these strategies. Address any potential strengths or weaknesses.2.) In Chapter 1 we learned that Black and Hispanic individuals perceive less favorable treatment from the police compared to White individuals, which has consequences for perceptions of legitimacy and obligations to obey the law. What are two factors from this module that can help explain this (e.g., lack of police force representation)? Be specific and draw on the book. 3.) Chapter 1 describes the myth of police as only crime fighters. What has this myth endured? What are the consequences of this myth?4.)Discuss two factors that led to changes in American policing during the 20th century and how those changes were different from previous practices. Be specific about what these factors are and how they changed policing.5.) Describe two new strategies that define 21st Century Policing.

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