DescriptionYou are an employee of BEL&LO Investigations, a firm that contracts with individuals, companies,and government agencies to conduct digital forensics investigations. Your manager has justscheduled a meeting with a prospective client, and she has asked you to be part of the team that ispreparing for the meeting. The prospective client is Miguel Gille, a well-known celebrity. Last night,Mr. Gilles public relations team discovered that someone obtained three photos that were shot onhis smartphone and tried to sell the photos to the media. Due to the sensitive nature of the photos,Mr. Gille and his team have not yet contacted law enforcement. They would like to know if BEL&LOcan provide any guidance or support with an investigation or, at the very least, if BEL&LO can helpthem prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. At this time, they do not know how thephotos were acquired. The public relations team is wondering if a friend, family member, oremployee could have gained direct access to Mr. Gilles phone and obtained the photos, although thephone is usually locked with a passcode when Mr. Gille is not using it. In addition, Mr. Gille emailedthe photos to a person several months ago. He has not spoken with that person in the last few weeks,but he does not believe that person would have shared the photos with anyone else. Your managerplans to use this initial meeting to establish rapport, learn more about the case and demonstrate thefirms expertise. BEL&LO sees this as an opportunity to build future business, regardless of whetherthey are retained as the investigators of this case.ObjectiveTo write and present a pre-investigation Expert report.RequirementsCourse textbookTasksTo prepare for the meeting, your manager wants you to respond to these questions:1. What is the nature of the alleged crime?2. How does the nature of the crime influence a prospective investigation?3. Based on the limited information provided in the scenario, what is the rationale for launching aninvestigation that uses digital forensic activities?4. What would you share with the client about how investigators prepare for and conduct a digitalforensics investigation?5. Identify two key points that are most relevant to this case.6. List all the sources of evidence or evidence that an investigator will likely examine in this case?7. Explain the relevance of each source/evidence to this case.Submission1. A 1-page report (font: Arial, 11 points, single spaced) in which you present: An experts well-developed report, that answers the seven questions in the task given in acoherent manner using proper documentation, grammar, spelling and punctuation. (25points). Develop the answer to the questions by:o Identifying concepts from ICT 339 that are relevant to the case study scenario. (15points)o Providing a well-developed and coherent answer to each question having it in mindthat you are to relate the case study scenario to the concepts you have identifiedabove. (10 points) Your report must provide a concise explanation and discussion that shows me that youunderstand and have developed adequate knowledge about the concepts relevant to the casestudy scenario

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